GROW with doTERRA - June


Welcome to our monthly GROW with doTERRA events

We are hosting these events for all wellness advocates to help learn about all the different ways we can Gently Renew Our Wellness with essential oils and how they also connect with other healing modalities on our wellness journey.

We invite you to come along to be inspired, delighted and have fun being educated on this wondrous journey with doTERRA essential oils.

Polly Delany from Essentially Polly will share "LRO means what, exactly?"
Jodie Gibson will teach us "DIY Green Cleaning", with equipment available for purchase.
Bronwyn Young from WildOils will talk about "BuildingStrong Imune Systems and Creating Daily Practices"

Other items, including books, lava, boxes and Zyto scans will also be available for purchase.


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