You don't need love when you have sloppy fellatio lubricated by the angry, bitter tears of a childhood that never really was. Daddy issues have been the sole province of psychically stunted girls with substance abuse problems for far too long. This is a bunch of bullshit. Gays have daddy issues too. Or if we don't, we'll certainly pretend we do for the right dude.

On February 3rd 2013 we're taking back what's ours. The lights of suburbia will be conspicuously dim as daddies of all stripes convene in a darkened room. Literal daddies, figurative daddies, daddy-long-legs, daddy-long-something-else, daddies for a night. Who knew sublimating of your dark, Freudian desires was such a party?

It's going to be like Weimar-era Berlin but with absolutely no Liza Minnelli and nobody needs to be coy about wanting to suck a dick.

It's all going to go down at The Court Hotel. You DILFs play nice.

Online Tickets Here : http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/dilf-perth/63530?&skin=

Doors Sales $30

The DILF DJ's (Sydney)
4pm till Midnight
The Court Hotel, Perth


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